Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs


Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

by Amy Lignor


Depending on who you talk to in the big, old U.S. of A. as of late, when it comes to the political future of our country the outlook is hazy at best. Is big business going to come back full-force if a huge businessman takes the helm of President? Not likely. As statistics show, the first step in Trump’s life is what is coming on full-force: entrepreneurs. Whether these numbers are climbing because of politics or the simple fact that the show “Shark Tank” and others like it have exploded in popularity, doesn’t matter. What does matter is that entrepreneurs are the largest wave of the immediate future. And on top of that, entrepreneurs looking to go “green” top the list.


Say you’re looking to be the next eco-friendly entrepreneur that creates a business or an idea that takes shape and goes big; there are a variety of specific industries that are just starting to grow larger and larger in scale and scope.


First; the food industry. A fantastic path to walk if looking to be a “green” entrepreneur is to begin an organic catering company. You may overlook something like this when putting your career ideas together, but it is a fact that by catering local events and business luncheons serving dishes made from organic and locally grown ingredients, have people buzzing and customer bases widening. Everything from meats (free-range) to vegan and gluten-free choices appeal to the health conscious as well as nature lovers. With this company, you can also minimize a negative impact on our environment by using non-plastic and paper goods. You could even take it one step further and compost all your catering company’s food waste.

Fashion is always a business that entrepreneurs love to get into. Sticking a foot in the door of this particular industry may be difficult, but by walking a “green” path, more doors will be readily opened because of the new popularity of eco-fashion. Reused and recycled fabrics, silk screening on recycled materials, as well as eco-friendly t-shirts, bags, purses and more. Heck…even old plastic items that clog up waste landfills are being used to create fashions that (yes) people are actually buying in droves. Just as it is with the catering companies, your “new” fashion business would be an organic way of life consumers are looking for.


As a person who has close ties to the ultimate carpenters and professional landscapers, the art of the “lawn” is a huge commodity in this country. Pick a city, town, mountaintop…houses and redecorating ideas are plentiful. Shows like “Property Brothers,” “Flip or Flop,” etc. are airing millions of different ways houses can be modernized, updated, redecorated with recycled and organic products, and more. But it is also a fact that the outside landscaping of the houses can offer up eco-friendly techniques, drought-resistant plants, synthetic turfs – anything and everything the “green” homeowner desires. An entrepreneur wishing to go down this avenue also gets to help the homeowner save on energy costs because of the great ideas they can administer.


There are those who wish to take up the cleaning of offices and companies using solutions that are non-toxic; products that are organic, like the variety of “green” soaps on the market, as well as vinegar-based cleaning solutions. Not only can you have your own business building up a customer base that will pay well for these types of services, but an offshoot of the company could be to package and sell new organic cleaning products you make yourself.


The ideas in the “green” industry are endless, and the wealth of eco-friendly entrepreneurs is just starting to be seen.


Source:  Baret News


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