Finding the Best Summer Travel Deals


Finding the Best Summer Travel Deals

By Burt Carey

Experts say there are three important elements to finding excellent summer travel destinations that help you avoid the crowds at mega-resorts without getting ripped off.

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They are: Watch out for hidden charges; look for off-season deals on cruises; and pick tourist destinations other vacationers avoid during summer.

Sounds easy, right? Here are some great tips to go with that advice.

If a summer travel package sounds too good to be real, it probably is. This is a time to check and re-check every aspect of your impending vacation. Resort towns make a killing off unsuspecting tourists with mandatory daily resort fees, surcharges at restaurants and mileage or other fees on rental vehicles.

Selecting an off-season cruise package in the Caribbean or other hot spots such as Mexico could put you into some well-appointed staterooms for a song. Cruise lines typically have flash sales for trips that will set sail within the next 45 to 50 days. Be flexible and travel in pairs to get the best deals. Alaska is hugely popular in the summer, but not so much in May and September.

And finally, finding tourist destinations that others find too hot to visit during summer could be your best ticket of them all. We’re not just talking the Bahamas, Mexico or Jamaica. This includes stateside destinations that might not have caught your eye otherwise.

Take, for example, Park City, Utah. Yes, it’s known as “Ski Town USA.” Here you can enjoy 70- to 80-degree weather, star-filled nights, and virtually endless hiking, biking and exploring in one of the most beautiful settings in North America. There’s also fly-fishing, whitewater rafting, horseback riding, outdoor concerts, art fairs and dining out at award-winning restaurants. And you’ll be staying in luxury hotels at 70 percent off the winter rate.

San Francisco is another summer-beater most tourists miss. Just a few miles inland the thermometer may read 100 degrees or more. But the city by the bay is likely closer to 70 or 80 degrees. You’ll enjoy dining at some of America’s best eateries, visiting Alcatraz, the Embarcadero, the Golden Gate Bridge or Pier 39 sampling Ghirardelli chocolates while the masses are sweating their brains out at Yosemite National Park or in Napa Valley.

Or, if a little humidity can’t stop you, try New Orleans. The parties of spring give way to a huge lull in tourism in summer, making this a great place to visit without an overly crowded Bourbon Street and French Quarter. Take in some jazz and taste that delightful Cajun cuisine without going broke. Luxury hotels in the French Quarter go for as little as $100 per night in summer.

Source:  Baret News


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