Foster Parent Training Summit in Thomasville, January 20

Date: January 20, 2018

Time: 8:30 am

This summit will empower caregivers with basic knowledge on how trauma affects children, the impact on child development and how to build resiliency for children in foster care.

In addition, caregivers will examine their personal traumatic experiences and gain a better understanding of how they can be triggered by caring for traumatized children as well as learn self care techniques on how to effectively manage stress.

Finally, caregivers will learn how to work with birth families to support permanency for the children for whom they provide care.

Topics and Learning Objectives:

  • The behavioral responses of children as a result of trauma
  • How can the caregiver support the resiliency of children to improve their overall well-being
  • Increasing/Decreasing behaviors for lasting change
  • Participants will learn how to recognize sensitive areas that may trigger unhealthy responses to child behaviors – how to use effective, age/developmentally appropriate discipline practices that do not perpetuate trauma
  • How to effectively manage stress and to how to care for themselves and recognizing their capacity
  • The importance of maintaining, restoring, or establishing sibling connections (what the law says, and what you can do to support it)
  • What does it mean to partner with families? How do you as a caregiver provide support to the family despite the permanency goal for the child?


Southern Regional Technical College
15689 U.S. 19
Thomasville, GA 31792



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