Here it Comes…Stepping Up to Knock the Seahawks Down

Here it Comes…Stepping Up to Knock the Seahawks Down

 ~ Amy Lignor


Put your seat backs in the upright position, people. The NFL is taking off. Course, the defenders already had their first game and everyone is already saying they can’t be stopped for a repeat. I think they most definitely can. In fact, the Super Bowl this time around will not have any of the same jerseys walking the field.
Why? Because there are difficulties happening for their challengers from the last dance, and Wes Welker is that Broncos’ nightmare at the moment. Not only did his own QB, Peyton Manning, stand up for the guy during a preseason game and end up paying a fine out of his own pocket for doing so, but now Welker will not even be able to receive the throws that Manning wants and needs to send straight to him. And, believe me, not only is this tough for Manning, this is the cause for the veil of depression already forming over the Denver Broncos stadium.


Yes, Broncos have always been a top team and with Manning (even though his bro in New York is the one that should be watched out for this year), is what people think of as football royalty. But during the off-season he lost some of the best he had, and unfortunately some that he was incredibly comfortable with. Remember Eric Decker? Well, he went bye-bye in free agency and he was one of those ‘must-have’ targets for Manning; (95 rec/11 TD’s and 71 first downs), all for just that one guy, so this is no exaggeration.


Wes Welker is the most valuable left for Manning, but this four-game suspension that came from (yet again) a player’s own idiocy, means Manning has lost his primo target (91 rec./11 TD/56 first downs). The whole reason Denver works is because of that Manning offense…and everyone knows it. The Seahawks started off with a bang on Thursday. Denver’s rivals in the last Super Bowl, who literally beat everyone blind (and annoyed everyone at the same time) last season, crushed the Packers in a game that made the normally great Pack look like they were around the level of the Jets. Hopefully, that will not be the case the rest of the year.


Manning and the Broncos – even though they got there last time, already look as if they are going to have to climb a huge ladder in order to get back there and win it. Not to mention, someone is going to have to knock Seattle off its perch. This will be difficult, considering they are die-hard about winning back-to-back. Perhaps Manning can call up Kap (considering Kap is now going to make megabucks, and has to earn it), and tell him to get his stuff together and make sure that no Seahawk takes flight.


And another who is definitely and will definitely be out there in the AFC to make sure Denver doesn’t see the big game is the Patriots. It has already been reported that the team has had a bit of a hit when their best man Brady ended up on an injured list (he’s off now, thankfully, and will play against the Dolphins on the road). Miami is not a happy place for Brady…but he certainly has the ability to brush himself off and tear through the schedule in order to take Denver out.


Who else? It needs to be remembered as the starting gates open that the preseason has been interesting. There are teams out there you are not thinking about at this moment who have the ability to stick their noses out of the basement and give the ones who ALREADY believe they are headed to the Super Bowl a definite run for their money. This should be one season full of fun…as long as someone out there takes care of the ‘birds’. Because if a lesson in humility isn’t learned soon, these Seahawks are once again going to be everywhere.


Let the games really begin!


Source: Baret News Wire