NFL: Week 6 Began With 6


NFL: Week 6 Began With 6

By Amy Lignor


Before discussing the NFL teams that most people want to know about, we say: Happy Birthday, Mike Ditka! Let’s all do the Super Bowl Shuffle in honor of the great Bears coach. And now…
NFL football, Amy's Angle, Week 6Week 6 meant 6…as in six undefeated teams. Yes, Atlanta went bye-bye on Thursday night when they were handed their first loss this season by an unexpected Drew Brees and the constantly-getting-slapped-around New Orleans Saints. Apparently, the Saints are not going to just go away and become like Tampa Bay. Tampa, who?


Moving on…you have to know now that it is definitely football season; now that the winter flurries have started to fly in Buffalo. Andy Dalton’s bright red hair, the QB of the undefeated Bengals, walked through those flurries without a care in the world. If he was afraid of losing in Buffalo, he definitely didn’t show it. The Bills were handed a huge loss that crushed their egos even more, and Dalton and his Bengals came out of Week 6 remaining undefeated.


When you talk about an “ugly” game, you talk about the Broncos versus the Browns. The Broncos boast the best defense in the NFL. Even though there is a Peyton Manning at the helm of the offense, that side of the ball looks odd. Against the Browns, the Broncos still did not score a 1st quarter TD, and as the game moved forward it became clear that Manning is uncomfortable with his offense. They drop balls they should catch and mess up plays with only eight seconds on the clock that could have given them an easy field goal and not have sent them into overtime. In the end, Manning looked confused. He didn’t even look all that happy after his team won. It’s probably because he needs to thank his defense – they were the only ones that allowed Denver to remain undefeated; just barely.


Jay Cutler tied Jim McMahon with the most wins as a Bears starting QB last week. Seems odd, considering all the knocking around the guy gets. But going into this weekend he had gotten two wins in a row. Versus the Detroit Lions, Chicago played extremely well. Did he get three and surpass the famous ‘Super Bowl Shuffle’ QB? No. The “Quiet Thinker” did not make it three in a row, although there’s always next week. And the 0-5 Lions certainly deserved at least one win by now.


Pittsburgh wanted to wave those towels in the air again as their team went against what has been, so far, an amazing Arizona Cardinals crew. The Cardinals had only lost one game going into this, and without mighty Big Ben as the QB for Pittsburgh it would have seemed like a lock for Arizona. It wasn’t. The Cardinals were handed their second loss, and the bright yellow towels waved with glee.


Thankfully, the Cowboys were off this week so no yapping happened. And when it comes to the other well-known yappers, the Seattle Seahawks, the only mention they deserve is this: they certainly came out fighting against the undefeated Panthers but, as usual, they threw fists. They are basically making themselves the most hated team in the NFL. Legion of Boom? More like Legion of Idiots. It would be nice if this team would mirror their QB’s character. After all, their QB Wilson seems to be the only one that ever plays the actual game.


When it comes to the 49ers, quick note: Joe Montana, who will remain the end all and be all King of the San Francisco dynasty, stated that Kap is not a bad QB. All he needs is to be allowed to run, move, and do the things he did when he first arrived on the scene that led the 49ers back to the Super Bowl. “All Hail! The King with four rings has spoken!”


The Miami Dolphins received a young coach who wanted nothing more than to make his players forget about receiving the paycheck and focus more on earning it. He wanted sheer physicality. What he received was far more than that. Whether it was because they were playing a non-good team in the Tennessee Titans, or they were standing behind their new coach, the Dolphins came out looking like a Pro Bowl team with Dan Marino at the helm.


Yes, there were others…and not many surprises. Brady met his rivals (who turned the Patriots in over “Deflategate” which I am too tired to talk about again and you are way too tired to hear about again.) The vengeance…the anger…did the Patriots remain an undefeated team? Guess.


Packers have the punch, no matter how you look at things. And even with all the surprises going on thus far, the Packers and the Patriots are still the ones to beat.


Week 7 begins Monday night with two rivals who want more than anything to have their logos appear in California at the Super Bowl: Eagles versus the Giants. Will Eli Manning conjure up his Dumbledore magic and bring the Giants to a Super Bowl that no one assumes they can get to? Probably not, but don’t count him out. A Manning versus Manning Super Bowl sure would be fun to watch, but the Patriots and the Green Bay Packers are two teams that will not disappear no matter what ‘spell’ is cast.


Source:  Baret News