This Week States: LOVE THAT TREE!


This Week States: LOVE THAT TREE!

by Amy Lignor


Yes, May 16th is National Love a Tree Day. Now, for some that statement may bring about a voice in the head that says: “Our calendar is certainly turning silly.” But what it should say to one and all is that trees are THE resource that, without them, life would cease to exist. In other words, they National Love a Tree Day, tree hugger, National Wildlife Federation, celebrate in style, Sequoia National Parknot only need to be celebrated this day and this week, but they need to be taken care of every day in order for the next generation to have a clean, healthy world.


This is literally the day to let that “tree hugger” within break out. Whether that means working on the garden this day or simply sitting under the mighty oak in the backyard and appreciating its existence, that’s up to you. However, there are mighty organizations out there among us that have more than a few ideas when it comes to taking care of that tree – today and always.


One place to learn all you can about what the best care is for your tree is the NWF. The National Wildlife Federation has everything from tree maintenance and care guides to those awesome ornaments and certificates that can be given to someone when you plant a tree just for them.


So get out there and offer up a long, cool drink of water for that strong but silent tree. This will take a much longer time than watering the yard or the rose bushes. You need patience and absolute appreciation to realize that a regular root soaking makes a complete difference to your favorite tree. You will be increasing the long term health of the wood, which means that tree will be able to stand tall and watch over the family for a good, long time.


Not only is the tree a protector for you, but it is also the home to some friendly wildlife critters. Today, you can go outside and put up a nice bird feeder or lovely ornamentation that helps the critters and makes the tree sparkle all at the same time.


Another great thought is to set down by your old friend, a new one, by planting a new tree in your own backyard. “Trees for the 21st Century,” from NWF, is available for you, you and your neighbors, or entire town, allowing you to order a group of trees for planting. You will be provided with all tree planting/maintenance guides and even some fun lessons on trees for both you and the kids to enjoy.


And if you really want to celebrate in style, there is a very popular program that’s come onto the scene allowing any and all homeowners to make their home gardens into Certified Wildlife Habitats®. By adding water features, as well as flowers and shrubs around your already beautiful trees, homeowners can create an actual refuge for wildlife. When you get the work done and certify, NWF will then even plant a tree on your behalf.


Trees are truly magnificent for all the positives they give to the earth. But there are those that are also famous across the globe, owning some truly amazing histories. “The Ashbrittle Yew,” for instance, is located in a very remote town in Britain. This particular tree is said to be the country’s oldest living thing. Standing in St. John the Baptist churchyard, this tree is 4000 years old; in other words, when the ancients were building Stonehenge, this particular yew was already mature.


When it comes to America, some of the most famous trees call the Sequoia National Park in California home. Here stands the “General Sherman,” a tree that is absolutely immense. With a volume over half the size of an Olympic-sized swimming pool, and over 275 feet high, the General Sherman is estimated to be around 2000 years old. Named, of course, for Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, this tree stands above others close beside it including, General Grant, Washington, Lincoln, and even the tree of Robert E. Lee.


From famous to simply your own backyard magnificence, the trees are everywhere! Let’s make sure they, and many more coming up behind them, live long and healthy lives.

Source:  Baret News


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