Water on Mars! Bottled water from MARS!


Water on Mars! Bottled water from MARS!


I’m Will Roberts, and this is the Daily Scream! Ahhh, here we go!


Why you got a love America land of the opportunity, and I’ve been looking for that right opportunity to strike it big make it rich go viral… And I think I found it


NASA just released that there is water, liquid and solid form on Mars. Now, I gotta kinda keep this on the hush hush and not let it out to Corporate America, or they will grab the rights and monopolize it.


Here is my idea: Bottled water from Mars!


This idea shouldn’t be too far-fetched for consumers, considering we have absolutely no clue where the water we drink comes from now. Based on some of the scientific reports that are saying our water is about his foreign is it could get.


Of course, if I follow the Corporate America Route, formula,  I can really just get this water out of my garden spigot, or the drain by my home, add a little green food coloring.  Then, call it an energy drink and Americans will buy it all up… Gotta love America!


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Source:  Sportsmans Lifestyle


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