Who is your favorite James Bond?



Who is your favorite James Bond? 

This new book provides the comprehensive guide to every 007 – along with the girls, gadgets and more


With the 24th James Bond movie, SPECTRE, opening this fall, the debate continues – who is your favorite Bond?  Sean Connery or Daniel Craig?  Roger Moore or Pierce Brosnan? Or Timothy Dalton? The new book BOND VS. BOND: The Many Faces of 007 is the guide for the fan of any and all Bonds.


unnamedA fully comprehensive guide, Bond vs. Bond compares and contrasts all of the various ways Ian Fleming’s iconic British Secret Service agent, has been interpreted through the years, from the books and movies to the guns and gadgets.  No other book has analyzed every incarnation of James Bond in one volume.


Spanning from Fleming’s 1953 book Casino Royale to Sam Mendes’ 2012 film Skyfall, Bond vs. Bond features every incarnation of 007 – including George Lazenby and the “other Bonds” as seen in the alternative Casino Royales (Jimmy Bond, anyone?).  BOND VS. BOND is the first book to explore the artistic legacy left by the James Bond franchise. Comics, television shows, radio serials, novels, and of course, the record-breaking sequence of films starring a multitude of actors who stepped into the role of 007.  Author Paul Simpson explores it all, starting with the novels and short stories (four of the latter, which were collected in Octopussy), along with every 007 movie and the casting of each Bond. Interesting facts abound, for example: after Sean Connery relinquished the role following Diamonds Are Forever, United Artists were in favor of an American 007 with Burt Reynolds, Paul Newman, John Gavin and Robert Redford all considered. Clint Eastwood was approached and he refused on the grounds that he believed and Englishman should play the part.


No book on James Bond would be complete with details and information on the villains, heroines, and femme fatales, along with the gadgets and the cars (and the gadgets in the cars).    Just in time to continue the on-going debate, BOND VS. BOND is an all-encompassing expanse of Bond knowledge, facts and lore and includes a complete James Bond bibliography and filmography.



Publishing October 20, 2015 by Race Point Publishing | $28 USD | ISBN: 9781631060007 | Hardcover, 208 pages with 150 photos and illustrations



Paul Simpson has been a fan of 007 for over forty years, and previously co-authored The Bond Files and contributed essays to Titan Publishing’s reprints of the Bond newspaper strips.  He is the author of over two dozen non-fiction books, including Middle-earth Envisioned and That’s What They Want You to Think as well as guides on the work of C.S. Lewis and Stephen King.  He lives in the south of England where he is the managing editor of the genre website Sci-Fi Bulletin.


Also available – publishing in November


All the legendary cars and vehicles seen in the James Bond movies


unnamed (1)Publishing in November, the new book JAMES BOND CARS pays tribute to the legendary cars and vehicles that have starred alongside James Bond in so many unforgettable stunts and races. From the iconic Aston Martin with its ejector seat, the BMW Z3 Roadster and the Rolls-Royce Phantom, to the very latest Aston Martin DB10 and Jaguar CX75 specially designed for SPECTRE, every vehicle 007  has driven is here.  James Bond Cars is unique in that it also looks at the cars belonging  to the Bond girls and Bond’s opponents.  Packed with beautiful photographs and technical information on the cars and the stunts as well as the more unconventional  modes of transport such as jet packs, jet skis, motorized gondolas and airplanes, this book is a must-have edition for the Bond completist.


BOOK SPECS: Publishing November 20, 2015 by Aurum Press Ltd. | $34.99 | ISBN: 9781781315385 | Hardcover



Political attache in the French Parliament, Frederic Brun is above all a movie lover, and a true James Bond fan. A sought-after commentator, he contributes to a number of magazines and is the author of STEVE McQUEEN & SPEED and FRANK SINATRA: A LIFE IN PICTURES


For more info please go to:  http://www.quartoknows.com/books/9781631060007/Bond-vs-Bond.html



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